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During the faculty holidays, dad and mom, carers and educators have to redouble their consideration as home accidents is usually a worrying time – particularly with younger youngsters.

One of the most typical situations at house is the presence of “foreign bodies,” a time period that refers to any object or object {that a} youngster swallows or places in the nostril or ears: cash, small items of toys, and bottle caps. they often take little ones to the emergency room.

At the João XXIII (HJXXIII) Hospital of the Hospital Foundation of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhemig), the most typical therapy for youngsters is said to foreign bodies. This occasion ranked third in SES final yr, behind solely falls from a top and street accidents involving motorcyclists. In 2022, the division handled 4,315 instances of accidents with foreign bodies. A complete of 1382 sufferers are youngsters aged 0 to five years.

to threaten

Little Lua, one yr and 7 months previous, was one of the few youngsters admitted to the unit because of this. Despite the care of her dad and mom, the woman discovered a pendant at dwelling, swallowed it and threatened her household.

The father, who witnessed the incident, even gave first support at dwelling and tried to take away the object by suffocation, however to no avail. During HJXXIII, the service was quick. “There was a paramedic at the door of the hospital who took him from me and checked that he was respiration usually. His father took him to the emergency room and an X-ray was taken quickly after,” stated his mom, Priscilla Emanuel Neres, 30, a saleswoman.

During the examination, it was discovered that the pendant was in the kid’s esophagus and was eliminated by endoscopy. “There have been troublesome moments, however regardless that I used to be going via this for the first time, I used to be in a position to hold calm, which is essential in these moments,” concludes Priscilla.

frequent occurrences

Fhemig / Anger

According to Rodrigo Muzzi, medical supervisor of the Fhemig chain’s Complexo Hospitalar de Urgência e Emergência, preschoolers have the most enjoyable placing issues of their mouths.

According to the skilled, some objects require particular consideration as a result of they are extra harmful if swallowed and needs to be stored at a distance. “Small, sharp components resembling nails and screws are simple to swallow and may trigger holes in a toddler’s esophagus, abdomen and intestines. “Larger plastic gadgets, on the different hand, can change into trapped and trigger suffocation and will at all times be dealt with beneath grownup supervision,” explains the professional.

Batteries are frequent gadgets to swallow as a result of they are small and are discovered in lots of youngsters’s toys. Muzzi stated batteries are often screw-in and more durable to entry, however probably harmful for little ones. “When in touch with gastric juice, the battery produces an electrical present that burns the inner organs.”


Although the introduction of objects into the nostril and ears poses little hazard after they are positioned in the openings, they are often forgotten if the youngster doesn’t alert dad and mom and caregivers, which might then result in an infection.

Grains resembling chestnuts, popcorn, uncooked beans and peanuts pose a severe menace if inhaled, i.e. enter the respiratory tract.

When aspiration happens, a foreign physique obstructs the influx and outflow of air, inflicting suffocation; and, if it goes to the lungs, the severity is even better, as a result of it could actually trigger irritation and even pneumonia.

“A child’s immaturity makes it simpler for them to choke and will increase the danger of aspiration moderately than swallowing. The airways are smaller, which implies that the foreign physique has a better affect, and asphyxia is extra extreme than in older youngsters,” explains HJXXIII pediatrician Andre Marinho.

“The kitchen is the most harmful place in the home. Food needs to be distant and at a protected top,” he added. Doctors even advise adults to not use this kind of meals for very younger youngsters.

What to do?

Children who’ve ingested or ingested a foreign physique needs to be taken to the nearest emergency room instantly. According to Andre Marinho, if dad and mom discover signs resembling chest ache, vomiting, extreme salivation regardless that they do not see what occurred, they need to additionally search the nearest medical assist.

If batteries are swallowed, don’t provide milk or different liquids. “Also, if it isn’t clearly seen in the oral cavity, it isn’t beneficial to take away swallowed objects by hand, as a result of the danger of pushing deeper and worsening the obstruction could be very excessive,” famous the coordinator of pediatrics.


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