Local comparison of youth handball is growing in Grossvallstadt

JSG and Tuspo Obernburg

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Photo: Jens Wolff (dpa)

In their final sport, Auburnburg received for the primary time this season and will probably be seeking to construct on that momentum. With six factors, rival Walstadt has twice as many factors as Tuspo.

Oberliga Hessen, Group 2, Women B Youth: JSG Wallstadt – Tuspo Obernburg (Thursday, 18.30, Großwallstadt gymnasium), TV Büttelborn – TuS Kriftel, TuS Nordenstadt – HSG Bensheim/Auerbach, TSV Pfungstadt – TSG Oberursel.

Bayern, Men’s A Youth: TSV Herrsching – TSV Simbach, TuS Traunreut – HT Munich, TVG juniors – TSV Ismaning (Sunday, 12.30, Sportpark Großwallstadt), SV Anzing – VfL Günzburg, HC Erlangen – TSV Friedberg. – Can TVG juniors bid farewell to the Hessian title with the Bavarian title? At the second, the desk chief’s probabilities aren’t dangerous, he additionally faces the ninth Ismaning.

Ashaftal threatens final place

Oberliga Hessen, Group 2, Men B Youth: HSG Aschafftal – mJSG Melsungen/Körle/Guxhagen (Sunday, 16.00, Telesports Hall Goldbach), TSG Münster – JSG Gonzenheim/Ober-Eschbach, TV Hüttenberg – TuS Holzheim.

Oberliga Hessen, Group 3, Men B Youth: HSG Hanau – TV Erlenbach, HSG Rodgau Nieder-Roden – HSG Hochheim/Wicker, HC VfL Heppenheim – HSG Bieberau/Modau

While Erlenbach is tied for fourth place with their well-placed neighbors forward of the sport, Aschafftal should keep away from not less than sixth and final place in the group.

Oberliga Hessen, Group 3, Men C Youth: TSV Pfungstadt – SG Bruchköbel, HSG Bensheim/Auerbach – TG Eberstadt, HSG Stockstadt/Mainaschaff – HSG Rodgau Nieder-Roden (Sunday, 16:00, Ellerhalle Mainaschaff), HSG Kahl/Kleinotheim. .

Table chief Cal/Kleinoistm takes second Hanau and may safe the relay win early with a house win. HSG Stockstadt/Mainaschaff is nonetheless ready for the primary second.

Oberliga Hessen, Group 2, C Women Youth: TV Büttelborn – JSG Groß-Umstadt/Habitzheim, SKG Roßdorf – TSG Offenbach-Bürgel, HSG Bensheim/Auerbach – JSG Wallstadt.

With three video games to go, Walstadt is in midfield. Protecting this not solely from desk neighbors, but in addition at Primus Bensheim/Auerbach.

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