Manaus City Hall warns of the importance of vaccinating children against yellow fever

Manaus City Hall advises residents on the importance of vaccinating children below one 12 months of age against yellow fever (YF), an infectious illness that may be deadly in its extreme kind. Although there have been no confirmed circumstances of the illness in the capital since 2001, Manaus is near forested areas, the atmosphere the place the virus spreads, which will increase the danger of transmission.

The yellow fever vaccine is on the market in items managed by the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa) and must be acquired at 9 months of age, with a booster dose taken at age 4.

Data from the Epidemiological, Environmental, Zoonoses and Occupational Health Surveillance Council (DVAE) present that since 2017, vaccination protection in Manaus has been decrease than the 95% set by the Ministry of Health for nearly all vaccines in the National Calendar. started to say no in the nation. In 2021, protection in Manaus was 57.5%, in comparison with 66.73% final 12 months.

Vaccination is a vital deterrent to stop extreme varieties of the illness, which embrace signs comparable to headache, excessive fever, chills, fatigue, muscle ache, nausea and vomiting, physique aches, yellowing of the eyes, pores and skin and even bleeding gums. in different components of the physique comparable to the nostril, abdomen and intestines, it may be deadly.

Jalma Coelho, Semsa’s deputy director of well being administration, emphasizes the mission of mother and father and guardians to guard children.

“We encourage mother and father and guardians to comply with this mission and get their children immunized. The vaccine is free and out there at our branches. “We affirm that the yellow fever virus spreads in the metropolis and that the vaccine poses a risk to the lives of children,” he famous.


Alciles Komap, Head of Vector-Borne Disease Control at Semsa, explains that signs of yellow fever are just like dengue however immediately impacts the liver. “If an individual isn’t vaccinated, the probabilities of dying are very excessive,” he explains.

Transmission of the illness happens each in nature and in city areas. Alsiles explains that when an individual enters the forest unprotected throughout the day, he could also be bitten by mosquitoes. Hemagogue and Sabet. These mosquitoes, in flip, develop into carriers after they chunk contaminated monkeys. Although the illness isn’t transmitted from individual to individual, its signs are very debilitating and might be deadly in extreme circumstances,” he added.

Another potential scenario is when an individual is bitten in a forest space and involves the city space. When attacked by a mosquito aedes aegyptiit is usually a vector of dengue, zika virus and chikungunya, the insect is contaminated and has the potential to transmit yellow fever.

“Those who want to enter the forest ought to defend themselves with long-sleeved shirts, pants, hats and repellent. In addition, an individual must be vaccinated,” advises Alsiles.

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