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Today I need to discuss in regards to the significance of music for the cognitive growth of children, adolescents and individuals of different age teams. Technology is contagious to individuals of all ages and has turn out to be a continuing in individuals’s lives. But it is extremely essential to produce other features of human growth, which primarily emphasize children and adolescents each at school and in different areas of society, encouraging them to make use of video games, video games and different points constructively. pull over.

We can encourage them to enter the world of artwork, thus distinguishing music, as a result of there are features of know-how that facilitate the search for this musical world, so charming that it not solely touches the human soul, but in addition invitations individuals to journey with wings. fantasy community.

As a psychopedagogue, I journey deeply on this planet of artwork and what I love most is music. And I believe that our children and younger individuals, as an alternative of getting into the world of musical artwork once more and once more, deviate to different paths.

I wish to illustrate how essential it’s to focus this viewers on the data of the world of music, displaying many examples akin to Beethoven who’s listening to impaired and Andrea Bocelli who’s visually impaired. different sanctities of music didn’t enable him to desert his limitations.

The world of musical artwork touches the soul and intoxicates the thoughts. We are the builders of a universe the place music turns into one thing infinite in human tradition. Be it classical, widespread, sung or performed…we’ve an arsenal of minds targeted on this world, impressed by the sacred thought of ​​self-picture, children crying out for freedom to the essence of existence. musical artwork.

Therefore, I wish to depart my enchantment to the entire society so that everybody can invite children to take this path, in order that they will be taught the true the Aristocracy of human beings, which is fashioned by the naturalness of expressing their ideas via inventive songs. performed.

My background is combined, however I all the time discover myself writing poems, poems and songs, and via this I really feel the tenderness of the universe for the sense of freedom that’s a lot in each music born from me, so I make wings. To attain the various children I love and admire, like all of the individuals I acquired to know once I taught within the Municipality of Escola in San Rafael and additionally within the Municipality of Escola Alba Frota.

These moments spent with my college students introduced me nice pleasure and the Aristocracy. Therefore, I dedicate these strains particularly to my beautiful children, as a result of with them I’ve realized many different emotions of life.

Elzinha of Clermont is a psychopedagogue

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