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According to a survey performed by Correio do Estado, the worth of a 20 ml drugs bottle in Campo Grande ranges from $3.89 to $18.30.

Due to the dearth of primary medicines within the public well being community, the demand for medicines in non-public pharmacies is already mirrored within the value. in keeping with the survey State publish workplace At 5 firms in Campo Grande, sodium dipyrone 500 mg 20 ml will be discovered from R$ 3.89 to R$ 18.30, a variation of 370%.

The drug, which is used as an analgesic to deal with reasonable to extreme ache, will not be obtainable in a number of main well being items (UBS) within the capital, as reported in yesterday’s publication. Dipyrone can be prescribed as an antipyretic drug that lowers fever from 38ºС.

According to Marianna Mark, guide of the Regional Council of Pharmacy of Mato Grosso do Sul (CRF/MS), along with dipyrone, the demand for bromide and paracetamol in non-public chain pharmacies has elevated.

“For medicine which can be briefly provide in mainstream well being departments similar to dipyrone, bromide and paracetamol, we will see elevated demand in non-public chain pharmacies. Not solely that, however medicine which can be the primary selection, principally for children or the aged,” mentioned the CRF/MS guide.

According to Marks, an instance is desloratadine (used to deal with allergic rhinitis), which isn’t a drug supplied by the Unified Health System (SUS), however is prescribed by medical doctors within the system for a non-public community.

“The demand for medicines for hypertension and diabetes, for instance, if they aren’t obtainable within the SUS, will improve within the non-public community,” Marianne famous.


According to Marianne Marks Pharmaceuticals, the rise in drug costs is a mirrored image of the annual revision of the drug, along with elements such because the sturdy greenback and uncooked materials costs.

“Due to the involvement of manufacturing traces, the worth of medicines has even elevated. We know that many of the earnings required for the manufacturing of medication is affected by the greenback exchange charge,” famous the CRF/MS guide.


At the Basic Family Health Unit (UBSF), Aero Rancho reported to the housing chief, who didn’t wish to be named. State publish workplace when he tried to select up his mom’s prescription treatment, he was advised that it was not obtainable and that he must pay by a non-public community to buy it.

“Many medicines are actually missing, together with a very powerful one, which is dipyrone. I had a prescription for dipiron, pako [analgésico] and bromide, which was prescribed to my mom, who had most cancers, and so they did not have any drugs within the division,” he famous.

When requested if he would discover the drug in different UBSFs, he mentioned that dipyrone has been briefly provide for a number of months, and in keeping with an Aero Rancho well being officer, it was an issue because of the municipality’s lack of procurement. Department of Health (Sesau). .

The state of affairs was the identical yesterday afternoon at Coronel Antonino Emergency Department (UPA). workforce State publish workplace He talked to an aged girl who introduced her granddaughter for therapy.

He reported that he couldn’t get dipyrone drops, paracetamol and bromide on the web site.

“Except for Monday, I attempted to get drugs on weekends. I used to be knowledgeable once more that they’ve gone lacking,” the outdated girl famous.

An worker of UPA Nova Bahia, who didn’t wish to be named, mentioned that “there’s a normal lack of drugs in all well being facilities. We have few medicines to ship.”

Among the primary medicines obtainable, the skilled famous that he solely had paracetamol.


The City Health Department reported in a press release that the town well being community at present has 85% of the availability of medication.

According to the secretariat, there are occasional shortages “attributable to non-availability of merchandise or uncooked supplies available in the market and stagnation within the procurement course of attributable to requests for value modifications”.

Sesau additionally claims that the secretariat has additionally sued firms to ensure the supply of the drug in case the provider fails to fulfill supply dates.

To whom State publish workplaceHealth Undersecretary Rosana Leite de Melo famous that the scarcity of medicines reported by sufferers with Sesau might be investigated.

“On Friday, we held a technical assembly [20] and to this point they haven’t proven us this example. However, I and my workforce will verify the absence of those medicine,” Rozana mentioned.

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