On Arbor Day, children learn about the importance of the environment

Sergio Lourouz/SMAMUS/PMPA

About 30 children participated in the storytelling workshop

As half of the schedule for the thirtieth Spring Week, this Wednesday, the twenty first, children-oriented actions have been promoted round Humaita. The motion was a partnership between the Environmental Education Group of the Municipal Secretariat of the Environment, Urbanism and Sustainability (Smamus) and the Education Center of São Vicente de Paulo. Pre-school children linked with the environment by means of storytelling workshop and tree planting.

A storytelling workshop led by Smamus librarian Elizabeth Lorensi introduced collectively about 30 children. Students performed with interactive books and discovered a little bit about the importance of nature. “The spring week, particularly the actions with children, are aimed toward drawing their consideration to the environment and taking care of the nature of the metropolis,” explains Juliana Herpich, head of Smamus’ Environmental Education Group.

Meanwhile, one other group moved to Prasa Pinheiro Machado, the place the Smamus Urban Tree Planting Group planted a Sincho (Sorocea bonplandii), the first to be planted in a sq. in the metropolis. The tree is right for area as a result of it’s a vegetable that requires little mild and upkeep. Little Isabella Bastos, 5 years previous, discovered what vegetation have to develop. “Sun and water are crucial for tree development. I’ll bear in mind all this after I develop up,” stated the scholar.

The spring week schedule runs till the twenty seventh. Check the calendar:


– Arroio Dilúvio Urban Operation and its Restoration Medicine and Consortium

Target viewers: college students of Champagnat Marist School

An initiative developed by Luisa Goulart, an architect and concrete planner at the Council for Sustainable Development Projects and Policies

– Workshop on city forestry, from 14:00 to 17:00

Location: Farroupilha Park Visitor Center

Registration: e mail inscricoes.smamus@gmail.com

Biologists Bibiana Cassol and Sulen Bandeira and agronomist Gabriela Moura will give lectures at the occasion.


– Bird watching workshop at 9 am

Location: Mascarenhas de Moraes Park

Registration: e mail inscricoes.smamus@gmail.com

An exercise developed by Augusto Potter, a member of the Bird Watching Club

In this regard, technicians engaged on the revision of the General Plan will present data on the environmental half of the instrument and acquire recommendations from the neighborhood.


– Workshop on bats, at 18.00.

Online, on the Smamus YouTube channel, as a spectator or through Zoom

Register to take part with the proper to indicate: e-mail inscricoes.smamus@gmail.com

The occasion shall be attended by biologists Susi Pacheco, Fabiano Soares and Soraya Ribeiro and veterinarian Daura Pereira Zardin.


– Trailhead in Morro do Osso, 9am

Meeting place: at the administrative headquarters of the Department of Nature Protection (Rua Irmã Jacomina Veronese, 170).

Registration: e mail inscricoes.smamus@gmail.com.

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