Pediatric Surgery: Find videos on the topic in the Whitebook

Clinical Drops are videos in determination tablet format to assist healthcare professionals undertake finest practices for every scenario. Next, watch the three pediatric surgical procedure videos out there in the whitebook.

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– Phimosis: when and the way to use topical corticosteroid remedy?

Phimosis is characterised by impenetrable foreskin with impossibility or problem in partially or fully exposing the gland and could also be physiological or pathological. Topical corticosteroid therapies have been broadly used. Do you understand how efficient this therapeutic choice is? Does related use with Hyaluronidase carry advantages? Check out the solutions in the video.

– Umbilical hernia: when is surgical remedy indicated?

An umbilical hernia presents as a bulge at the umbilical web site and is quite common in the first months of life, and most umbilical hernias develop from spontaneous closure earlier than the age of 4 years. Do the relationship between hernia ring dimension and spontaneous closure? examine

– Phimosis: When can a pediatrician refer a affected person to a surgeon?

Phimosis is a quite common situation in the every day lifetime of pediatricians. It is estimated that 96% of infants born at time period have it. Do you understand how to establish the proper time to refer a baby for surgical procedure? See particulars in the video.

So, what did you consider pediatric surgical procedure videos? Stay tuned to the Whitebook weblog for all the newest information on Clinical Drops. 😀

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