Report on the experience of children and adolescents in the process of gender transition (video)

The USP (University of São Paulo) HC (Hospital das Clínicas) in the capital metropolis of São Paulo at the moment attends 380 of 100 children aged 4 to 12, 180 adolescents aged 13 to 17 and 180 adults. At the age of 18, they take into account themselves to be trans and switch without spending a dime at the facility.

Today (29), on Trans Visibility Day, these individuals share just a little bit about what they went by means of in the process, and in addition, skilled docs give their opinions.

According to G1, Gustavo Queiroga was born with organic feminine traits, is simply eight years outdated, however identifies as trans and is being monitored at Amtigos (a transdisciplinary outpatient clinic for gender identification and sexual orientation) at HC.

His mom, 35-year-old Jasiana Batista Leandro de Lima, says she realized her son was trans when he was two years outdated as a result of he had at all times rejected all issues female.

Stefan Vicenzo Barreto Soares da Cruz is 25 years outdated and has made the whole transition by means of HC, however by means of a non-public community.

He reviews that he’s afraid to do that for the public community as a result of of the delay. So she had a mastectomy, which is surgical procedure to take away her breasts, and she says she plans to have her uterus eliminated, however she would not know if she’ll have intercourse but.

According to G1, consultants say you needn’t transition to be thought of trans.

Sophia Albuquerque and Myla Phoebe, 21, twins and gender reassignment surgical procedure; each had been born with male organic our bodies.

However, since the age of 8, Sofia has developed gender dysphoria, which is a sense of discomfort or discomfort with the female or masculine traits of one’s physique.

Maila claimed to have developed an identical discomfort with the bodily traits of her physique.

So the two went by means of the transition and underwent gender reassignment surgical procedure in Santa Catarina.

Teenager Callebe Ferreira Marquez is 14 years outdated and has not but had hormonal blockade, however hopes to begin at 16.

She informed G1 that she felt like she had simply gotten out of jail after popping out about her transsexuality.


As Dr. Jose Carlos Martins defined to G1, gender reassignment surgical procedure shouldn’t be at all times needed.

“A trans girl has no indications for surgical procedure. She is a trans girl for the easy proven fact that she perceives herself this fashion. When will the surgical procedure come? When there’s a analysis known as “gender dysphoria”. Gender dysphoria shouldn’t be a illness, however it’s a illness, “he stated.

Contrary to what one may think, the time period transgender doesn’t solely confer with males who’re ladies, and vice versa. Amtigos coordinator psychiatrist Alexander Saadeh informed G1 that the time period covers different situations.

“The time period transgender is an umbrella time period and refers to any gender, together with transsexuals, transvestites, non-binary genders, genders, gender fluid.”

That is, simply because somebody is born with feminine genitalia doesn’t essentially imply that an individual could have a feminine mind, and vice versa.


Amtigos (Transdisciplinary Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Clinic) was established in 2010 to offer free providers to adults by means of the SUS (United Health System).

According to G1, demand for the public community service was so excessive that final yr it needed to cancel reveals as a result of it couldn’t sustain with the excessive demand. Services could resume from February.

Currently, there are 160 households with children and adolescents who establish as transgender on the ready record for screening, which is managed by a multidisciplinary group.

Monitoring is carried out with the entire household throughout the transition interval.

Watch Gustavo’s report:

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