SOBOPE provides essential care for children undergoing cancer treatment during the summer and holidays

RS PRESS – Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The firm reinforces the must concentrate on hydration, diet and safety from extreme solar publicity.

The summer warmth and college holidays make it splendid for children and youngsters to spend extra time in the solar, profiting from video games, recreation amenities, parks, seashores and swimming swimming pools. Be cautious at excessive temperatures. Moisturizing care, solar and meals safety are a part of a guardian’s day by day routine this time of 12 months. Actions for children with cancer needs to be strengthened.

“Initially, as some chemotherapy medication improve the sensitivity of the pores and skin, children with cancer ought to keep away from extreme publicity to daylight to forestall spots, and care needs to be taken to keep away from areas with agglomerations as they’re extra susceptible to infections. , contact with children with infectious ailments and meals of unknown origin also needs to be monitored by mother and father and guardians”, stated the president of the Brazilian Society of Pediatric Oncology (SOBOPE), dr. Nevicolino Pereira de Carvalho Filho.

The president of SOBOPE lists two different issues to be careful for in children undergoing cancer treatment: “tiredness and tiredness are signs which may be associated to treatment, so mother and father and caregivers ought to keep away from recommending very vigorous actions or conserving the little one in poorly ventilated areas.


In summer, instances of meals poisoning, which trigger diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, are frequent. Therefore, it’s essential to concentrate to the preservation of meals and the origin of these consumed outdoors the dwelling. “The finest meals is fruits and greens, which have a excessive water content material, however needs to be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite in keeping with the producer’s directions. Fruit rolls are additionally an incredible choice for the interval. Other choices are pure juices and coconut water,” says Dr. Nevicolino Pereira.


Finally, an skilled says that it doesn’t matter what sort of care is required for children undergoing cancer treatment this time of 12 months, one factor is obvious: you do not have to deprive them of the pleasure of being a toddler. “He would not cease being a toddler and must be helped and inspired to train, play and develop his creativeness. Depending on their age, you will need to know that vigorous play might not be doable at this stage. But we at all times do not forget that this second is fleeting and essential for the success of the treatment and that there are numerous fascinating choices to assist us have enjoyable,” concluded the president of SOBOPE.


Founded in 1981, SOBOPE goals to unfold information about childhood and adolescent cancer and its treatment in all areas of the nation, and to standardize diagnostic and treatment strategies. He acts in the growth and dissemination of therapeutic protocols and in the illustration of Brazilian pediatric oncologists earlier than public authorities.