The Ministry of Health strengthened the call for polio vaccination

With one week left till the finish of the National Immunization Campaign in opposition to Poliomyelitis 2022, Rio Grande do Sul vaccinated 311,391 youngsters between one and 5 years of age, representing 56.23% of the target market, beneath the goal of 95% for this age group. Out of 497 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, 209 municipalities reached the purpose. This marketing campaign ends subsequent Friday (30/9).

In Brazil, as of this Friday (23/9), 5,931,022 youngsters had been vaccinated, representing 51.25% of the purpose. “Getting youngsters vaccinated means sustaining excessive protection and what ensures that we cannot discover new instances of polio”, explains Adriana Zanon Moschen, Health Specialist of the State Immunization Program of the Department of Health (SES). Reinforces the significance of vaccination to stop the resurgence of poliovirus in Brazil, and significantly in Rio Grande do Sul.

Data from the National Immunization Campaign in opposition to Poliomyelitis 2022 might be adopted at this hyperlink.

fall into protection

Immunization charges decrease than the targets beneficial by the Ministry of Health enhance the threat of vaccine-preventable illnesses corresponding to whooping cough, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, meningococcal and pneumococcal meningitis, rotavirus gastroenteritis and hepatitis A and B. .

Considering the Basic Child Immunization Schedule, in the final 5 years, the targets beneficial by the Ministry of Health haven’t been achieved. 2021 information, nonetheless partial, point out that the Rio Grande do Sul will fall beneath the beneficial goal.

In the state, the polio vaccine has not reached the 95% protection goal lately. Analysis of historic sequence of immunization protection from 2017 to 2020 varies between 75% and 86%.


Poliomyelitis, or childish paralysis, is an acute infectious illness brought on by the poliovirus, which may infect youngsters and adults by means of the fecal-oral route (by means of direct contact with feces or secretions from the mouths of contaminated individuals) and assault the nervous. system. And extreme flaccid paralysis can happen, particularly in the decrease limbs.

Basic Kids Calendar Plan

  • Inactivated Polio 1,2,3 Vaccine (VIP)

Dose: 0.5 mL intramuscularly
Schedule: Three doses (at 2, 4 and 6 months)

  • Attenuated Polio 1.3 Vaccine (VOP – drops)

Dosage: Two drops, orally
Scheme: Booster is utilized at 15 months of age and after 4 years

Critical threat conditions

An evaluation by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in 2021 confirmed that Brazil is the solely nation in the Americas in danger of reintroduction of the poliomyelitis virus, together with 5 others (Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama and Paraguay). . Four are at very excessive threat: Haiti, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the evaluation confirmed an alarming scenario, with 42% of municipalities at very excessive threat and 32% at excessive threat. That is, 367 municipalities in the state (74%) are at excessive threat of polio recurrence.

For threat evaluation, vaccination protection, epidemiological surveillance and a few well being determinants corresponding to consuming water and sewage networks are thought of. This reinforces the want for sustained and efficient illness surveillance actions and the upkeep of sufficient ranges of immune safety for the inhabitants.

Text: Ascom SES
Edition: Secom

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